pinks all out entry fee costs?

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It starts by Ticketmaster setting up a time for entries to go on sale online only. That's the ONLY method of entry. You then try to get lucky to buy an entry for going to the show. It's not as simple as just saying you want to go. You have to get lucky to beat out others online for the 400 or so entries sold . Good luck!
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Originally Posted by maniac
Now WJ , you know that's real drag racing , why just the other
night they had one guy jumped the start and the other broke
out so they had a R E R U N (do over) now thats the real deal
there , this stuff we are doing is just playing.... :lol: :lol:

WJ i remember that race..the left lane junped and the woman broke out..i think it was the woman..the left lane jumped and i think it was a blue car..but yes they done a reover and that got me..but way i see it the one that jump lost and it didnt matter if the other one broke out..but the right lane should have won it..But thats what i think about it..
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I used to like the regular PINKS's ok. I don't think Rich should be allowed to force a guy into agreeing on a race...Why agree to lose so I can have that loss as a bargaining tool the next round, which is something Rich tells them when he is making them agree to remove three plug wires and give the guy 5 cars .
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I used to watch the regular "PINKS" show, but with the rampid cheating going on and seeing people lose some very nice rides becasue of it just made me sick to my stomach, I couldn't watch it any more.

The all out deal is better to watch, least it's somewhat of a level playing field.
Just better hope your not on the slower end of the "whatever" index they choose to run.
Rich is definetly a tool.
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