what is the deal with some people?

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I just sold a CR450F about 3 months ago. I priced it well & it was in fine shape... well maintained. Nice guy shows up to look at it one day. He rides it, looks it over, & pays me full asking price. I thanked him for not trying to talk me down. As a thanks I gave him a 150.00 motocross stand with it because of this. There are good buyers out there stilll...

1. The bike was priced to sell
2. It was clean, maintained, ready to go... taken care of w/ clean title.
3. He was ready willing & able w/ cash.
4. There was no objections to the sale based on the above.

if they are flakey, try to negotiate on the phone w/o seeing it, or are unreasonable, they are usually not worth the time. One thing I know, there is always another buyer who is decent behind the weird ones....
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I sell cars for a living. I can tell you I've seen it all. ONe day we had this old man in a beatup truck roll onto the lot. Sideboards hangin out...bedsides were about to fall off of this thing. He had on overalls and smelled of chicken chit. I think he had some on his arms and chest. NOBODY would wait on this guy. Me being new to the bizz went for it. He kept sayin I'm buyin a new truck and payin cash..I was thinking yeah right, go buy some clothes and a bath. This guys says, I don't think you understand me, I'm payin cash. About that time he pries this checkbook box out of the top pocket of his bibs and opens it. Full of hundred dollar bills. Not just a couple dozen, I mean it was completely full. Lesson learned, never judge a book by it's cover. I've sold em to people who have won the lottery and never change the oil/tires or nothing. They just scrap em out and buy new ones.
Alot of people think we're jerks for posting no junk, be real with trades...but it's those same people that will try to trade you a clunker for a show peice. Love this site b.t.w.
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