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Boy i wish we could find that video!!!!
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onebadgmc that is one mean lookin truck/i think my wife would be scared to ride w/me if i had it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ide have to step on it..........a little!!!!
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Originally Posted by OneBadGMC
Drove my blown alky ride up to the local car cruises 10 miles away many times. Took 20+ gallons of alky to get it there and back home.

Probably woulda took less, but ya gotta set it up fat for the surge if you're gonna drive it.

Used to love tail gaters. A/C units don't filter out alky fumes!!!

Nothing like being able to light up the meats at 55 MPH by rolling into the throttle.

Somewhere out there, I know there's video of me pulling the wheels in fro

nt of McDonalds...

Hey!!! Mator Love to see that Video Be carfull with all that Horsepower on the Street
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Well, the issue with the video...

The guy who had it is now dead. He killed himself about 6 yrs or so ago. Real shame, I liked him and he was a riot. Cops said it was a drug induced suicide. He apparently had a cocaine addiction that he hid very well.

At any rate, anything he might have owned went to his brother... His brother doesn't like me much, so I could only imagine that video is either being held hostage, or has been pitched in the trash.

We had a blast with it in 1997 at the DuQuoin Street Machine Nats. After the 'show' inside the fairgrounds, we went down to Carbondale for some cruising. Had a cop stop me and told me to stop hitting the gas pedal. When he opened my door, he saw it was still surging with my foot on the brakes. Said "Oh man, sorry, I thought you were doing that intentionally." Told him "Nope, it's the nature of the beast!".

Those were some good times.
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