Anyone having problems with UPS Shipping.

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Originally Posted by DirkaDirka
Originally Posted by cepx111
"It has over 150,000 miles on it and will still beat a Stang" ???
Cmon faster than a mustang? What a 2.3 four banger?

10:50's is not exactly tearing up the tarmac.

Better add some sqeeze or a giant turbo before I sik the boy's stang on
He loves eating them ricers up, said they taste just like chicken.
Ok ok ok....

I said a stang not a stang on steroids. The 10.50's were with a worn down tranny. I have beatin many stangs with my lil ol 1.8l four banger.

Oh trust me when I am done with that Celica its gonna have plenty of power. Who knows one day I might say bring it on. :twisted: :twisted: Of course that will be after I redo the whole car. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
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Well, we had to go the the rig a ma roll of letting UPS pick up the items and send them to an UPS inspector for examination.

A number of the items were packaged in smaller boxes which were packed into a larger box for shipping. "For The Record" These smaller boxes were the boxes the manufactures ship the items in..

On another note, I had indicated to UPS and the original shipper that if there were any items that could be repairded I would more than happy to accept them if repairded by a reputable machine shop or reconditioned by the manufacturer at no cost to me.....

Upon inspection at the UPS facility located in Bethalto, Illinois, the UPS inspector determined the method of shipment was not acceptable. Improper packaging was the result of the damage.
Therefore, UPS has denied the claim to reimburse the shipper for the cost of the items insured. This is where it gets interesting.

Without any type of notification, UPS ships the damaged items back to the original shipper. Come to find out UPS repacked the items in a new box in preperation for shipment.

The original shipper call me up and wants to know why UPS dumped all the parts, i.e. crankshaft, 2 sets of pistons main & rod bearings etc... loosely into a box. They did not resend him the box he shipped them in... They actually dumped all the parts out of the manufactures boxes and dumped them loosly into the new UPS box. Can you freakin believe that?

If any of the parts were salvageable prior to their investigation, none of them are salvageable now. Every item is deeply scratched & bent on just about every surface. It seems the crank which laid bare on top of the items just bounced around all over the parts... :shock: :shock: :shock:

I don't know whats gonna happen in the real world, but it now seems to me they should be responsible for total replacement of all parts regardless of the amount of insurance that was taken out on the shipment.
What do you guys think....

Whats gonna happen next????? :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
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IMO UPS should be fully responsible for the cost of replacing the parts no matter what the amount is for the insurance. They should have just put the original packaging in new boxes instead of just dumping the parts in a new box and sending it back. I hope that whoever shipped them originally should go after UPS for destroying the parts. IMO
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Default UPS

If You Paid for the Parts,in New Condition or (USED)They are the RESPONSIBILITY of the SHIPPER until they are DELIVERED to you in the Condition that they were SENT?
Only PROBLEM that i see Happening is ALOT of Time?If the Shipper gives you the Deal that He waiting to see what the UPS Going to do?If I were You,i would Tell the Shipper You NEEDa Refund and He can Deal with them!It NOT Your RESPONSIBILITY?But,it IS YOUR $$$$?
G 8)
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