Just in case nobody seen this......

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X2 :evil:
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i HATE imports,cars bikes,whatever. i know i cant just buy american, but i sure do try.i have been this way long before it fashionable.there is a man from the land of sand who owns the country store where i buy my gas , cokes and smokes.he was born and raised over there and he feels the same way i do.hell he has more patriotism than alot of people born and raised here.he drives a hummer,tahoo, vette and a couple more gas guzzlin american cars.god bless him!!!
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does this mean that toyota is hiring mechanics? where do i sign up
part timie, have to pick the grand kids up at school :wink:
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another good point, i iknow its no joke! all my vehicles are from the big three.also a harley made in 1981, and id bet it ran through the milwaukee,wi facility.....

sooner or later the president has to raise tarriffs on companies who want to iimport goods.they put a ton of profit in their pocket cause the chinamen will work for $2 a year :evil:

talks of myself getting laid off by years end.200 people cut off payroll since march and getting nervous with 20 people with less senority now,so maybe ill end up with a lot of garage time in future on my hands
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BIGtime BUMMER Russ,
Lots of time but no money is worse that money and no time. At least you have the wherewithall to bring in some extra dollars. Luck to ya.
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