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a very good friend of mine took in his wifes boss 66 mustang to paint.he took it all apart and started some sanding.then he learned he had lung cancer and started his treatments, so the car got put on hold. it sat in his shop for quite son had the idea of loading up that damn car and bringing it to our shop with the intention of finishing the sanding ,shooting on the primer,quick sanding, shooting on a.enamel and presto, one done stang.johnny even told us to just get it shot, dont worry to much about anything else, just get some color on it.WRONG,that car had alot of hidden problems that im spending alot of hrs. on before i can get it in primer.well johnny died a couple weeks ago and i still havent got that thing in primer yet but we are working on it.i also have a paying customers car that weve had for awhile new paint, tribal flames wraped in barb wire,who we put on hold to work on this stang for johnny. hes a good kid because when i told him about the stang he was cool about it . said for us to work on our friend car first,and his car is almost done!johnny was always trying to beat me in some kind of deal, well he got the last laugh,seems he forgot to give us the money for all the crap to get this car painted,from paper to paint!he finally got me.and he was getting a couple grand of labor for free anyway.he was just a old worn out biker, but i loved him like a brother,and he was one of two people who helped me find my way back to god after my wreck so i guess in the long run i got brother, we will ride again!
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Originally Posted by ashbros
I belong to a masonic lodge, The lodge tends to provide some type of help or aid throughout the community.

The shriners is another good organization too.
I've watched those shows on TV. Masons secretly run the world. :wink:
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