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Originally Posted by DrivingMissDD
High weight is not good for handling, under the bed IMHO
I do agree with Double D and a few others, but you should take into consideration the possibility of your car pulling the wheels and also conside whether or not this car will be strictly drag race, a street sleeper or are you looking for your car to handle with the feel of a pro touring or rally car???????????

How low is your car going to be slammed to the ground or will you set the car up at stock height?

Will you have proper clearance if the front wheels are pulled?

Have you considered installation of a set of wheelie bars?

Even though during mach up the tank may appear to have enough clearance, you must factor in the AN fittings, fuel pump and fuel lines that may have a final installation height lower than the fuel cell.

Last, but not least, where do you plan on putting your fuel pump? Don't be one of those guys that sports the fuel pump well below the fuel cell, out by and near the rear bumper so everyone can see what type and how much fuel you can push. That’s an accident waiting to happen. And by the way, it is not cool looking at all; it shows a level of intelligence, or a lack of.... :wink: :wink:
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