Annoying neighbors Who interupt your work

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That's why i moved out in the mountian's, no one around me, if anyone comes to my garage while i am working, i hand them a wrench, most of the time it will be a deer, skunk, rabbit etc :!: :!:

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around my house i either have a neighbor who wants my car or just dont like classics now granted i use classic loosely but my 77 monte carlo is big over thirty and getting hard to find i think the mexicans are the onrs trying to get it towed theyre always looking in and at it but its not doinked out or full of mud with candy green paint murials and hydrolics so im sure in there demented eyes its going to waste but damn it its mine its payed for and slowly getting redone moneys tight and progress is slow but he&& leave it and me alone pissed off a few who were looking for cheap car had a guy come up and offer me 500 for it i said you bought the ralleys and caps now make offer on car he said well cant go over 1000 i said now you have a roller he said what you mean i said body tires and wheels ill pull motor and trans he looke stupidly at me i said i got your offer in trans and converter alone then proceeded to tell me that with the stock 305 id never get that i said dude get lost your assuming its a 305 and the more you talk the more the a$$ part is showing. hell i got 2500 in heads alone plus new rotating assmbly .060 350 with 9:1s less the 200 miles on it so yea i put an extremely high price but the way i look at it i dont want to really sale but if they wanna pay that much then ill sell and then go buy something else
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Originally Posted by oldandtired
How about the neighbor I barely knew who said to me, "since you love to work on cars, will you look at my wifes Toyota? The brakes are making noise".
:evil: :evil: :evil:



Same thing happend to me about a month ago, I told him I don't work on imports, sorry.

I even tell my kin folk the same thing, if they want work done on their car it better be a chevy, ford or dodge, dont show up in my driveway with a maxima or corola and expect any work done.

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