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Originally Posted by holeshotta
they are C07's........ before i buy new, I will give less air a shot...... thanks
On a hardtail the tires are your suspension. Also you need to be alittle rich for alcohol to work right, but if your way to rich it will slow way down under the same conditions that you have.
One more thing, I find that many new dragster owners start with thier legs to straight when they first set up their leg room on the dragster. If your legs aren't bent quite abit you can't keep from letting your foot come off WOT alittle bit at lauch. And the symptoms will be what your having also. My son when he first went to a dragster would run .07 off in the 1/4 with the 60ft .04 off, and I would ask him if he thought his foot came off alittle and he would always say no. Then one day when we were talking he said he was turning his right cheek up to put more pressure on the pedal. I reajusted his pedal and no more problems. A hard hitting dragster has alot of G force at take off.
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New C06's would still be my bet, but adjust to 4.5 like Shawn said. I replace tires yearly because sitting makes them go bad faster then racing more often then not.

All other post are good things to look at also
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