inline diode from transbrake. why

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I'll install one and post the results here. Thanks, neat idea....
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Andy i'm not sure how your system is setup but most pro brakes, you have to have the delay box turned on, you don't need #'s in the box but it has too be turned on before the car will back up by pressing the trans brake button. I'm assumming the diode bypasses the delay box. In my case i like to leave on the last yellow (because i'm slow on the top yellow) so i keep no #'s in the delay box, but have it turned on so the transbrake will work. I have an electric shift valve body in a PG, but i don't have a clue what would happen if you're running a solenoid shifter or air activated shifter.
The good thing about useing the transbrake button to back up is that even if the shifter malfunctions and you happen to hit reverse down track (if you are manuel shifting) it will not go into reverse because the button is not depressed.
Just some food for thought.

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