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Tod just doesn't want you to still his thunder.... Blue Thunder that is. ops: :lol:
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I used a ladder link on my 69 Camaro. Its an adjustable ladder bar set up from Competition Engineering.com. Worked real good. Fit some coil overs. Don't need a chute unless you're doing 150mph or more. I'd fit some 4 pot Wilwood brakes.

Depending on what rear gear you're running will determine tire size or vica versa. All depends what sort of revs you want it to scream to. Check out online racing calculators to figure that out. You'll find em on Google.
Aluminum tubs would be lighter. I just minitubbed the Camaro so the back seat would still fit. Fitted it with 15x10 inch Weld racing rims. Ran Hoosier 28 x 14.5 x 15 Quick Time Pro DOTs and a 3.73 rear gear set. (Was running a 4:11 but it wasn't street friendly).

Good luck with the build.
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If you do use the aluminum wheel tubs (they are lighter and easier to fit), I would also cut another piece of aluminum (0.040" thick) to use as a liner to help prevent dents and dings from appearing as easy. The aluminum wheel tubs are usually about 0.032" thick and A.R.T (Applied Racing Technology) sells them that are 0.040" thick.

If you are going through all of the work to back-half, I would put the 4-link under it. They take up less space, better for resale, better for driving on the street, and better for when you take it to the track.

Just my 0.02

Bill Mitchell
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You indicated you will use a Ram clutch. Are you going with the 400 series, the dual disc, or maybe VDS?

Just wondering which will will not have to be driven to break in the set.

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I am going with a pro drag race Single Iron Disk System. This clutch system is suppose to be easy to enguage during stop & go traffic.

I was origionally planning on using a street dual disc system and the RAM reps swayed me away from them for my application due to the ease of tunability with the single disc series. They also informed me that the clutch will respond much better when I put my foot to the wood & last quite a bit longer than the streetable dual disc system.

I think I purchased the 900 series Clutch and the Long Style Pressure plate set up for the Lenco Tranny.

I purchased the complete assembly from them including the flywheel.

The clutch it self is pretty wicked looking. I hope it works......

Pro Drage Race Clutches - http://www.ramclutches.com/Products/pro_drag_race.htm

Pressure Plate Styles - http://www.ramclutches.com/Products/...plate_apps.htm
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