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I'm not grumpy, I'm nice and helped alot of people on here, just ask for yourself :!: :!: I have left you guy's alone :!: :!: Don't include me in you guy's sexual fantasy :!: :!:

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i dont need to ask anyone ive experienced ur grumpiness and wow that was a really good come back.............. not :!: :!:
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Default Re: easy there

Originally Posted by hilldale
take it easy there young fella., its allright, you can still be a car guy even if your sexual preferences are ,well not the same as us on here. we still know you have feelings. we are here for ya justin. we know just from past posts your into some kinky stuff (golden showers) etc.,we just dont want to here the details of you and your good good freinds sleepovers and such, i am sure you understand. try to be a little discrete. we are sure here on r/j that as an up and coming car and motor guy you will pull it off just fine if ya pardon the point. i think you know what we mean. P.S please be nice to mopar 1968 he's a great guy.
Oh Hilldale look what I found.................

bjuice wrote: Easy answer is the next jerk that comes on here, talking s**t to folks.
mopar1968 wrote:
and trust you me...there will be many more come along and take his place..i been here for years and see them come and go every year...when they do come have your fun with them cause they can be a lot of

Hilldale wrote:
yeah but do you really think their like me.?? now you guys said for me to go away o.k so o.k i went away, and you guys said kick kick kick and your gona get the monerater managers after me. but i was wondering since you guys are so close i was thinking you must be giving each other prostate exams by now.thats all we need is another special interest group. and then i was trying to watch american idol and you sun ova beyatches were screaming for me to show me my videos but it aint me o.k. hey how doya get those stars in the words when its a bad word.?this is for riggie- dd- slowpar and the rest of you wolfs. your favorite hildo i meen hilldale, see you bastards got me sayin it.
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