glide or th350?

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Default glide vs. t-350

If you are running 1/8th mile with that tall of a tire you will see lower 60' with a 5.14 gear. Do you run 1/8th or 1/4mile tracks? Kris
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TH350 is an anchor. Change the rear gearing and/or change tire size. Try this sites calculators to help find the difference it'll make.

This one may help too:
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Default ?33's

I Have 2 ?'s
What Stall converter are you using?
And i would DITCH the 33's,or go to a 5.43 Gear!
G 8)
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Default Re: glide or th350?

Originally Posted by r436racer
I am currently running a 2600# nova, 355 ci , powerglide with 1.76, .488 gears. 33" tall tires, transbrake, superpro. Would like to get a better 60', which is 144. Will a th 350 help or hurt me?
If your running 1/4 mile, I would keep everything the same except for the plants, that SBC would love a 1.80 staightcut plantery.
If you only run 1/8 mile the 5.43 would help.
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I went from a 1:76 to a 1:80 and didn't notice anything different? If you figure his final drive ratio it's 8.55 with the 1:76 and 8.78 with the 1:80?

I ran a 2250 lb door car with a 406 SBC, 33 inch tire and a 5:57 and it still wasn't low enough for eight mile tracks. Actually ran some quarter miles with that thing but was into the 7200 chip before the finish line!

What RPM is it shifted at and how much converter is in it?
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Since we're knocking off the dust on this post I'll chime in too.

Your way under geared for a glide with that big of a tire, especially if your running the 1/8.

Swaping to a Turbo 350 will net you better sixties but only slightly.

Going with Turbo 400 which has an even lower first gear will further improve your short times.

I run a 558 gear (1/8) in my car which only has a 32 inch tire.

Go up on the gearing and possiblly the converter and stay with the glide is my recommendation.
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