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Originally Posted by bjuice
to add to all this a Bullet reqiures the frame of the Gun as a "Launch PAD" . This is identified as re-coil in order to become a Full blown adult Bullet in motion @ 2,000 + ft per second.

this also gets into the ballistics part of the process of the gun in which the barrrell of the gun has swirled grooves that spins the Bullet in the spiral Motion..( Pistols)
had some Fireman friends when i was a police officer.that was in a burning building with their hoses and heard firecracker sounds..and felt thumps on their jacket and helmets ( almost like a low powered air bee-bee gun)..
anyhow they later Learned the business owner had a private stash ammo dump...and the heat was setting off the Rounds

somone mentioned it earlier..if a single Bullet discharges/explodes its a small gunpowder explosion..the casing (Shrapinal) could actually hit you harder then the round it self or gunpowder flash burns if your close thing is that your highly unlikely not gonna get a perfect sprial bullet coming at you at 2,000+ ft per second...but then again its an explosion...anything could happen even if the chances are Slim.
This was sort of my thinking...but again wasn't sure.
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