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Hey Scoot,
Ya did the right thing my man. Personally it would have been gone in some fashion after chasing livestock just once. Totally unacceptable behavior in agri land. A canine as big and 'uncontrolled' as yours needed aggressive consistent training by a dedicated owner. Once a dog or cat makes aggressive action towards a child, it's the one strike rule.
I had 18 sled dogs for a 3 year period 24 years ago while I lived in the mountains. When I changed my lifestyle I had to get rid of them all through give aways and put downs. The give aways went to good homes as the dogs were gentle and manageable. The put downs were way too aggressive for family use.
Over the years of my growing up, putting down of old family dogs was just a part of life. Hard to do, but mercy kills are hard to do no matter what.
I feel for ya. Food for thought; Some times telling the truth after a very difficult decision is a good teacher as well.
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I must say I feel better talking to all you guys & getting your opinions on this. After sleeping on it, I thought: she was a nice dog, but a liaibity to other animals & kids, hard to train, too damn big, no perfect home I could think she could go to. If she was flat out mean, it would have come easier. But she was a nice dog. My baby girl is WAAAYYY more important... kids gotta come first. One thing I appreciate you all telling me: "You did the right thing". You are a good group of guys here: Double-d, Beast, Outlaw, Maniac, Oldewalnut, Bubbabbc, Memracing62, Fla1976, Harbone (I like the dog pic!) etc... many thanks.
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You did the right thing. I had a friend with a 150 rottweiler and he bit another one of our friends 5 year old in the face when playing with the kids. The owner of the dog wanted to put the dog down right there on the spot. The stupid dad of the kid said no the dog was just playing. The boy needed 4 plastic surgeries to his face. The dog was never put down and plays with the kids still. I think that dog and the dad needs to be put down together. Some people are just stupid. You can replace the dog but not your family. You definitely did the right thing.
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