What got ya Hooked on Fast cars ?

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Default getting your habit started?

Love reading these old stories. My Dad taught me how to work on vehicles. He never encouraged my racing habit. Had something to do with the last fast car he ever built, a 1949 Mercury. The guy that bought it ran into the back of a cattle truck the same day. Don't think HE ever forgave himself. He would help me from time to time. He's gone now.

I didn't really develope a speed habit until after I graduated from High School in 1973. A couple buddies "encouraged" me to go to the local track and try my car. A fairly bone stock 1967 Mustang, with a 289 and an automatic, no gears. Pretty much got my clock cleaned. That started my journey that lasted until 1988, minus a short reprieve due to service with our dear Uncle Sam from 1980-84.

In the mid 70's, I hooked up with a couple brothers that ran a 70 Maverick in D/MP. Then later they backed up and switched back to stock. Ran a 71 Pinto with the 2000cc 4 cylinder engine. They set quite a few NHRA and IHRA records in that car. That was where I got my teeth cut on real racing. Been so long ago, those were magical times.

Now 20 years later, I'm attempting a return. I'm rebuilding my 1966 Chevy II. In addition, my partner and longtime friend of 30 some odd years, Tod Lane, together we have purchased a 1979 Firebird, that we intend to build to race in IHRA's crate motor stock class.

I'm about 10 years older than you were Zip, hope there's time for me to make up ground. Wish I hadn't taken such a long sabitical but that's the way life works.
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My uncle had a small garage and was always in there at nights. I started hanging around to watch him. The first project I say him do was stuff a 348 3 two"s down in a 1953 ford. When finished we took that car up the dirt road just a hellin!!! From that day on I was interested in cars. God bless him, as he is now in heaven playing with cars and engines.
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i think it was when i was @9 when my dad took me for a ride in his olds super 98 and laid rubber for over a block just to show me it could do it. man was he laughing and smiling as he was doing it, so i just went along with it. was pretty neat when i look back on it now.
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