bird or terminator or carb on gas ??????

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Nitrous Express is a good company to deal with on the nitrous.

Shoot me a pm if you need any help, hope it has a 0 1/2 pump will make things much easier.
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You will not be dissapointed in the terminator..tune is fairly easy to hit on that combo.Also NX has a very nice alky kit and works real well.True gas will pick up a little more but I prefer to use alky/alky for simplicity reasons.
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i'm going to try the terminator i almost traded for a hat set up but i think i'll be fast with the terminator. i can throw a hat on later to gauge the difference. thanks everybody for all your help.
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My methanol injected 434 sbc altered has a enderle hat and tunnel ram. I added a single nitrous line through the tunnel ram with a 100hp shot of nitrous and just upped the pill size. I hit the nitrous about 300ft out and I felt the nitrous hit and it seemed to pull not to bad but than about the 1000ft mark it started to "pop" out the exhaust,so I let off. The spark plugs looked perfect after but I think it was leaning out. I only gained 1-1/2 tenths on my time. I wanted to try it again so I upped the pill size a little and it "popped" again but not as bad. I left the timing alone but maybe should have retarded it a couple degrees from the start. This was just an experiment I was trying. Maybe this year I'll add a bar with fuel. Should I add race gas or methanol? Any feed back would be appreciated.
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