What floorjack you using?

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Just wanted to give my thoughts on this....

I bought one of those aluminum jacks from HF a few years back when my steel allied 2 1/4 ton jack went out after 20 plus years of service.
The US general - (made in china) aluminum jack was garbage right out of the box, I took it back and got another one under warranty thank god. It worked fine but the dam thing kept falling apart!
Eveytime I turned around a nut or a bolt was lose on it somewhere, after tightening every nut and bolt on it twice with lock tight, the snap-ring that holds the spring for the lifting mechcanism popped off into never never land, I finally put it where it belonged, in the garbage can!
I ended up buying the heavy duty STEEL floorjack at HF for a meager 50 bucks and it's never gave me any troubles 3 years and counting.
Them aluminum jobs are nice especially when your having to use one on just about a daily basis and tote it everywhere you go like I do, but they just don't last like the good ole stand-by does.
I know somebody out there is making a decent well built aluminum jack but I can tell you this, its not at Hf and I'm pretty sure it's not cheap> JMO
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Sears low HD Jack... no problems. Would I trust my life w/ anything from HF? NO. Aluminum sounds cool being light & all, but I refuse to comprimise my LIFE w/ a substandard jack. I am parinoid about being under my car unless I have good jack stands & good jack. JMO.... Like doudle-d said, HF is China in a nutshell.
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I wouldn't trust my life to ANY jack. Always use jackstands if you're going to be under a jacked-up car.
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Want a jack that is almost indestructable?

For $595.00, you can get a BRUNNHOELZL WARRIOR JACK like the ones that NASCAR Teams use.

Yeah, they are pricey, but they sure are good jacks.

Lightweight too!


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Default jacks

Grainger used to sell Lincoln. They are rebuildable at the local hydraulic shop. Great and durable. I still use jackstands tho. I dont trust it that much ever!
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where i live theres a store called the tool shed, sells mostly china junk. my good jack layed down and we need one pronto so we gave 49.99 for a 2 ton steel floor jack.we now have 2 49.99 jacks. these damn things work pretty good!and we use them alot everyday!!! who would have thunk it?
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