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Ken...all i can say is WOW !
i just Got Cold Chills ( literally)

i don't want to say anymore..your post says it all...

It's crazy how all this turns out...maaaan..

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Awesome post outlaw. Man that will open your eyes.
Thanks and God bless.
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Outlaw... thanks brother. I am proud of you.... actually, ALL of you here are great guys... we CUT right through the BS/small-talk & move moutains with support for each other. Let me tell you what my wife said the other day when I was on here (RJ):

"Honey, why do you talk to these people you have never meant or don't know".... "I mean, you have never seen them... you don't know them"

I said: "These are my friends... we talk about alot more things than just race-cars".... "We are a group of friends that don't sit around & TALK ABOUT MEANINGLESS BS & THE FREAKIN' WEATHER OR OTHER SAMLL TALK" "We back each other, talk about being MEN, help each other through tragety/loss, we talk about God, & this cold world we live in.. etc...
"Now shut up & get me a beer" (Just joking on that part, i don't drink anymore) Anyways, we are dynamic... & I believe everything happens for a reason. I am going to have my wife read Outlaws post... she will understand that we are not just no-body's behind a key board.

We are all in different places in faith, going through all kinds of things, & I would invite any any of you into my home. Truth is, I came here for knowledge about HP cars.... to learn... I got alot more than I bargained for!! Outlaw, I thought you believed in God. I always thought this because you were upset about what is going on around you & what you see... you were mad at God. Simply put, you would not be upset about the idea of God & the things you have been through if God was not there in the first place. Now you can relax because God loves us anyways... you don't have to know very much... I don't. All I know is DEVINE things have happend to me when I started to believe & pray. I will be DAMNED if robsbird is going to tell me anything different. Your post is a miracle... I refuse to let some idiot tell us we are all wrong & thump us w/ his personal Bible. Good Job!!! Scooter
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Default Re: Pics

Originally Posted by msmisery
No signsbyesa , you have not missed any porn pics and if you did i missed them too because I still have never seen any porn pics on racingjunk .

I HAVE..just because you haven't seen them doesn't mean they weren't there.

Which one of you guys e mailed me that picture last year? There was a thread talking about a porn pic in an ad and when I clicked the link the pic had been removed...I jokingly posted "I miss all the good stuff" or something like that...then someone e mailed it to me. Can't remember who it was. Point is once the pic was discovered it didn't take long for it to be taken down.
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Default Pics

I agree with you tod74 . I sure there has been at one time or another , I am just saying that I have never seen any
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thanks guys for your support.at this time in my life i really needed to hear it.i dont know why i posted it, but i couldnt listen (READ) robsbird anymore.he is so arrogant it was really starting to piss me off and i had to have my say. had i run into him just a little sooner i would not have changed my veiws on god.i always wanted to believe but what i called common sence always went the other way.i needed something to believe in, to hold on to and god was there as he always has beenbut a few weeks earlier, had i read robsbird i would have just said hes one of the reasons this god stuff isnt real.hes going to help alot of people go the wrong direction, all the while thinking hes leading them to the lord.i only told my story so the people that were on the fence would see thatthis just may be the proof they need to see there is a god.and the way to him is NOT to be like robsbird. his way of acting reminds me of the extremist in the land of the sand.gods way may be harsh sometimes but i did need to be woke up and boy what a waking up i got!!lol. you boys are the reason i starting thinking about god again. i wanted some peace in my heart like some of you seemed to have.and im finding it slowly but atleast im finding it.so thanks again guys, i really do appreciate how you all have helped me. and hotrod1024, thanks for the phone calls. i really do look forward to talking to you every weekend.kinda strange we became friends and have never even met. ken
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nothing but love ken, now i don't want to be like rob but i do need
to pass this info, there was a man who studied all religions and
could answer almost any question about each belief, at he end
of the show the host asked him if there was a "heaven and hell"
his answer was quick, "we are in hell, this is hell" i know that sounds
harsh and my kids thought i was wacked, but then they noticed
all the killings, fathers killing sons, sons killing fathers and
babies, and mothers, old folks being found dead from a robbery,
family suicides, babies being born handicap, blind, deformed, sick,
and all the bad things, my kids now in their 20ties, tell me they
think im right, this is hell, where else can all these terrible horific
things take place but in hell. im catholic and went to bible school
for 12 yrs and remember the readings that would say we are
in the "devils world", that would pi$$ me off cause this is gods world,
but now older and thinking what that man said and what the catholic
would teach me, this is hell. and we have our god, and faith to get
us thru, i know that sounds crazy but it is the only way i can see
why all the evil is out there, come on, you can get killled just sitting
outside your house, just think about it, look around, there are still
good people out there, and we have to stick together, you will see,
it is going to get worse, amen good luck, and godspeed my brothers :wink: remember, just think about it, open yor eyes
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Hey Signs,

I don't think what are saying is wacked... all I know is that the enemy trys everything to make us have PAIN in this world... but God has overcome it. In addition, I see us living in the world as a "test" of our faith having a huge reward on the other side. I think Satan is the prince of this place... but God has dominion over him. We can run w/ the enemy, or have faith in God... & things like death are still going to happen. My problem with faith used to be like having a big ditch to dig, but I never picked up the shovel. Once I picked up the shovel, God helped me dig that ditch; in fact, that ditch got alot smaller. So I don't think what you are saying is wrong or wacked at all... hell, I could be wrong too... but I would rather live as if there was God than run w/ Satan. I think you guys are great & we can all learn from each others expierences & different thoughts. God willing, we will follow him & keep being gearheads until we all croak. Scoot
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( and hotrod1024, thanks for the phone calls. i really do look forward to talking to you every weekend.kinda strange we became friends and have never even met. ken)No problem at all bud.I enjoy talking to you as well.I enjoy listening to how wise you are.Especially love the old stories about hotrods.Hope you hang in there guy.Im here anytime you need it.We will meet in person one day,and I look forward to it.Outlaw is a good man guys.
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