How does this "Ricky finishes First" Legitimately

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i now know what your talking about,i went and took a look at it,i think its a money racket,its free for 7 days then your billed 96 dollars,sounds like a money trap to me,,,steve
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Look closely at the display ad copy, it's all fuzzy like it's been reproduced a bagillion times. I noticed that the very first time I saw it and right off knew it was a scam, Ma'am !
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I believe we are talking about SPAM... the mystery meat & the nonsense solicitations both SUCK. Anyways, I think if you need 5k a month, I believe you have to actually GO TO WORK... like at a job where you perform a task/skill for compensation. Plan on paying 25%+ to Uncle Sam too.

In other words, you will give the solicitation/SPAM ad 5K long before you get 5k from them.

Heres an idea: lets talk about SPAM & pyiramid scemes/scams & then ask everyone on RJ to explain them. When no one has a clue about what you are talking about, get upset & be a litle rude about it. This will take you far on here & make you look intelligent at the same time. In the end, you will make many friends & gain much respect on this site.
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Its probably his ad. He's just trying to get some free advertisement!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This ad is a total scam i just found out that my grand daughter sent in for it they charged her a dollar first she never did receive anything then she got a charge on her credit card for 29.95 and still never got anything she called them and they told her she should have received a email to tell her where to go to download info on the grants programs witch she never got a email either .

it also is the google ad's programs that you are suppose to get paid for placing google ad's witch google has nothing to do with .

She is in collage and thought it would be a easy way to make a little bit of income but it just took her for 30.95 cents they told her she would not get charged anymore on her credit card .
I told her not to be doing that crap that it all is a scam and to keep a eye on her credit card or go to the bank and get it changed just to be on the safe side.
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Be CAREFUL!! I went on that site and it cost me a bunch of time and money. I reported the site to Racing Junk. I applied for one of the grants. It said they would send me the information for $1.99. I used my credit card. Two days later my card company called me and ask if I approved an 84.77 charge and an 92.44 charge. I said most certainly not. They canceled my card on the spot and sent me a new on. I had to contact all my companies and make the change to the new card. Never got the info from the scammer. They called themselves "Google for Profit" Beware.
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