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My first ever pass was at a test and tune session at memphis motorsports park. It was a 1969 vw bug, I had a souped up 1776 cc motor, twin weber downdraft carbs, hot scat cam, merged header the works. I think it ran a blistering 15, it felt fast on the street but I swear it felt like I was crawling down the track.
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one night at greatlakesdragaway in wi,wife says to me when u gonna get a car......... :shock: :shock: :shock:

went to the bank :twisted:

first time in chevelle with a 454 i pulled from surburban with 160,000 miles with an intake carb and headers went [email protected] ran outta motor.thought that was pretty fast,last time down netted 8.66 lifting early- 139 mph 8)

yea its a part of me kinda like my left hand or somethin...wife probably regrets those words about getting a car more than saying to me "i do"
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Well, I have to say that I have not done too many passes; all of which are in street cars...

1st time @ Pheonix Firebird 1987 72' Chevelle running a dissapointing 15.2... I ate humble pie that night.

My newest car I hope to be in low 12's or high 11's... I am going to find out next season. It has been a long time & I hope to stay calm. we shall see...

CEPX: BTW, I saw a VW bug one night (same track) beat my buddies 68 Chevelle w/a SBC & super charger. He had slicks & 456's... ran mid to high 12's.... beat him by at least 2 car-lengths in a VW bug!!! man, that still amazes me.
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OH BOY !! HOT VW's !!

Back in the 70's I was HEAVY into the VW scene. Had the fun of whooping the crap out of lots of Detroit Iron ! Lived in Denver for a while and ran low 13's - high 12's at Bandimere in a street bug.
I got to missing the outright heart thumping rumble of an American V8 so came back home.
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1970 with my 67 Camaro ET 14.23 at Alton Dragway in Illinois . I drove the car to the track with my floor jack and 9 inch Caslers in the trunk. Took off my thrush mufflers and made a pass. I did get the car to run a best of 12.73 108mph. SBC stick.
The Camaro I have today is a replica of that car.
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