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Originally Posted by Tod74
Originally Posted by bjuice
Hey Tod them Bugs ya speaking of ain't the QUAMY'S sneaking up in that gut is it ?
All jokes aside its a Good thing to be A little'll live longer that way !

i get them everytime. no matter if i am in a 6 second car or a potential 4 second car..for some reason it all goes away when i let go of the button...wonder why :?: :? :?
maybe scared wasn't the best word for it.....but it sure surprised me...amazing what 80 more cubic inches will do.
LMAO...Hey i have no issues admitting it. My Old 63 vette SKEERED the CHIT out of me. :shock: ...and if anyone wants to laugh or sneeker thats Fine with me i will laugh with them ...i would like to see them get in a 2200lbs car w/driver with a 632ci with over 1200hp/1,000 TQ and bring it up to 5000rpm and matted to the floor on the two step and let go of the button....... :shock: :shock: yeeeeeahhh Boy call it Skeered,Surprised,a Rush, Respect..etc... or whatever you want to call it...Its all the just CHIT YOUR PANTS....LMAO

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Man Brian, i'll bet it was one heck of a ride and one you will never forget. That Vette sure was sweet though. I'm lookin' forward to trying out my new combo this spring.
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