can i ask you guys a favor

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be careful trading for a dragster. i traded a all round tube chassis car for one in ky and boy did i screw up . it took me two year to get back what i had and about 20000.00 plus the dragster. good luck.
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Originally Posted by vega34
Originally Posted by nghollis
Just something to think about, RESALE VALUE !!! A dragster with that small of a cage will be hard to get rid of even in a trade.Most guys are like me and live on a mickey Ds diet,so we are NOT of the smaller build.I am 5 9 and weigh 250.It took atleast a 21 in cage for me to be comfortable in.Just a thought. Nick
i appreciate it,,i think i'm on that micky d's diet also!!LOL!!i put my coverhauls on the other day for the first time since last year and i ask my wife if she had tighten them up on the sides,she laughed her but off,they felt like i had a belt on
Vega, seriously man, don't fall into a trap just because you want a dragster so bad, do the home work, you have a nice car, you can beat the dragsters if you get your car to run consistent, it doesn't matter what they run. Unless you just have to prove something yourself, just stick with what you have until the right deal comes along and you'll be happier in the end. At the end of the nite, it doesn't matter who collects the paycheck, dragster/door car.


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thanks guys,,,,my car runs very consistent,and i'm not bragging but i have beat more dragsters than i've lost two in the vega,just about every race i'm in ends up with in a 3-12" the last two races i ran dead on,a few weeks ago i ran dead on with a zero but they called the race track got slick,the last race i went dead on and cut a 02 light and lost by .0010 thats like a one inch,that was my first time crossing over and i love it,i've always went first until that last race and i love going last,its a lot easier ,so thats what got me wanting a dragster,to go last most of the time,but if someone don't buy my wagon soon,i'm going to put my 417 in it and keep it,,

right now it goes 6.73 with the 355 steel headed motor probley about 350-400 hp,,the 417 is right at 600hp,some say it will go 6.40's in the vega,i think more like 6.30's,but i will probley have to put wheelie bars on it if i put the 417 in it,

if i keep the vega i'm going to cut the fire wall out and move the motor back about 8",,,,,,,,,,thanks steve
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