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Originally Posted by billhendren
So you drove the car from Ohio to New York with no problems,you sure didn't have a spun bearing when you picked up the car or it wouldn't have made it a mile.
If it didn't have a spun bearing at that time the seller would have no way of knowing there was anything wrong. I don't think he owes you anything. Bill
No disrespect meant here Bill, but i think he trailered it to NY then took it out for a drive, and after 1/2 hr it broke. There's a very good chance that the engine was built without proper clearance, but at the same time he could have over driven it, i'm sure he wanted to see what it had. I'm not taking any sides at all on this one, it's just too hard to call who's at fault if anyone was :?: . I personally wouldn't give a guy a 1/2hr. ride in a hotrod and warrentee any part of the car/motor/driveline,etc. Again no sides taken.


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