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don't laugh at that turbo thru blower thing. have a guy up this way that showed me his turbo thru blower pu that he has in his front yard. don't know how it works though.
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A lot of WW2 aircraft ran a turbo thru a blower. It takes a lot of horsepower to lift a heavy bombload off the runway. 8)
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Originally Posted by bjuice
if you gonna spend some Money and by the looks of it are ..

why not toy with the Turbo idea ?

don't know what your trying to build..but a 6lb street strip /style turbo will make a bunch more HP on an engine then 6lbs of Blower..a Big reason is No belt drag on crank.

i got a 406 ci in a 69 camaro i have plans for a turbo in the future,,just trying to decide if i want to go twin turbo or single ?
I'm just building a 'go fast' 67 Camaro. Not really concerned about class designation or any formal stuff. Car is race only. We only have 1/8 mile strips around here. I'm running a BDS 871 with 10lbs of boost. It isn't together yet. Hopefully by April it will be. I got scared away from Turbos because of cost. Maybe I shouldn't have.
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The first thing you do is pray!!!!!!!!!!!

Give me a run down on your engine combo, type of car, weight, tranny, gears & Type of carbs.

A big problem with blowers is the inability to supply the correct amount of makeup air even when running dual 4's. A lot of set ups I have seen built by others seem to smoother or choke the engines ability to produce power even on low boost.
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