extreme wheel shake

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If your talking 7 degrees caster on left side and 10 on the right you have a circle track straight axle. there should be a difference in camber also if that is the case. 1 degree Positive right and 1 degree negative left. If this is the case, this axle should have been on a sprint car.
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Default Re: extreme wheel shake

Originally Posted by kbartley
I have a pretty old Altered 4-link wheelbase is 116". As soon as I come out of the water the front wheel's start moving right to left rapidly. What do you think is the problem. I had this problem before on a FED that I had & I layed the spindle's back a few more degree's & fixed it. I checked fo play in the steering box on the altered & it seem's to be ok. Anybody out there had this happen before? My spindle's don't appear to be bent. Torsion bar frontend. Thank's, Kris
Kbartley look at your steering rod and make sure it has a good idlers. If that steering rod starts jumping up and down it will definitely cause that shaking. Also check your king pins they may be alittle loose. Make sure the set screws are tight.
good luck and let us know if you find anything.
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Default wheel shake

Hey Bubstr, I was thinking that very same thing. The only way I can see to fix it is go back to the beginning. The axel has been cut before. I think it may have been too wide so they shortened and didn't align the pin boss's before they welded it. So I think I should cut into it to see if they at least put in a piece of pipe before they welded it back together. I can see were the axel was welded back together but I don't see any evidence of a plug weld anywhere. Either way, It's not safe either way, you know. Damn, I can't wait for my new car to be done. I tempted to put this problem car out to pasture.
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