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Hey Ed, How you feeling?
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You asked, so let me bore you.

I am here now in bed taking on this new Dell puter. I keep moving around, and don’t yet have a place to stay. Right now I am in McKinney, Texas with my nephew temporarily. I am extremely week but can walk. Somehow I need to get some income started again and coming in to me.

Sure hope people will buy some of the few hard core parts I am WD on, so I can give great pricing and help me a little too.

Current address
Ed Wilson c/o
David Pound
600 Frisco Rd. McKinney, Texas 75069
Cell Phone (Mine) 972-464-7400 If you call me You will barely be able to understand me. All of my insides are burned out and are raw flesh for now. Throat-Tonsils-Tongue-right upper and lower jaw- area around my right ear- my tmj (jaw hinge is still messed up) I can not swallow anything and have stomach feeding tube, and a trach tube in my throat. I am a mess, but considering I am now supposed to have been already dead from my cancer, I am doing pretty well.

I am seeking a medical assisted apartment but the cost is too much so far. Very expensive. Maybe I can eventually find a medical and financial assisted place. That is what I need for now.

Somehow I have to find and open another shop. Don’t know how and don’t know when, but this is something that I must do for my own sanity. I am kind of wondering if now I could qualify for a US Gov grant? I am very much disabled and a vet of Vietnam. That should put in near the minority grant programs, I would think? Possibly I may need to recover much more, before I could be considered.

All for now.

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Great to hear from you, Ed. Hope you got my text message.
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Hey Ed,
Great to hear from you and that your still kicking, I was starting to wonder.
I know its not much but I'm going to send 100.00 dollars to this address. It's not a hand out or a loan, just Christ in me wanting to share whats his not mine to someone thats given alot to others and our country.
Hopefully a few others might feel the same, God Bless and keep in touch.
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