Alcohol and Nitromethane

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i appreicate and respect your opnion Murff but to clear soemthing up. i am Not RJ nor am i employeed by them in any fashion.

As far as i am concerned Spud is welcome on here anytime he wishes to come on and participate. The only thing is he needs to understand as well as others that there may be different ideas and opinions that may not be in agreement with the subject at hand that one post..

i too have made post others haven't agreed with but i never got tiffed about it beacuse this is a forum/discussion board and other opinions are tolerated ( or should be)

i will not try to rehash the thread or try to defend or prove where it went down hill, its all here for anyone to read and form their own opinion's as to who drew 1st Blood etc...

i still stand behind my position with no regrets...( speaking for me only)

thanks Brian

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bjuice I am with you. Your example of the detination process is so true.

I have worked the pits with national nhra teams and spent half my life growing up in a dyno shop specializing in blown top alcohol and nitro burning monsters.

Nitro can be a lil fun to toy with, but I have also been in awe. After watching so many high dollar, best of the best, money can buy horsepower machines bite the dust, throwing their guts on the dyno or onto the tract, after 1, 2 or three passes. It is devistating.

After three runs using 85% nitro the motors always undergo a TOTAL REBUILD, new everything. Thats if the motor made it that far.

Unless you have an engine sitting around that just might have seen better days, you don't mind experimenting with it, you are looking for a learning curve, have the need to know or don't care about blowing blow a few thousand bucks, leave that stuff in the can.

On a more serious note, a higher level of fire safety should be addressed as well.
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Good job on running off another resource. You should be proud.
Now if you guys could give me pointers how to drive a car with Nitro ,i would appreaciate it.
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