powerglide launch in high gear

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Default Re: powerglide launch in high gear

Originally Posted by hal7022
heard back from ATI. He does not believe the converter sprag is an issue. He asked me to check the stator tube to see if it has spun. Tried air through the holes and doesn't look like anything wrong. I'm still looking for the problem. Its nothing obvious. I had him hold off on cutting the converter while I checked but now I think I'll have to sink the $195 they are charging now ( just up from $175) .

ANy other thoughts on what may be going on??? Thanks

BTW How I do a burn out....

drive through water box wetting the tires.
Don't spin them cause water splashes and may end up dripping on them
press the precord button on my playback tach.
Make sure the car is in HIGH gear
upon getting the signal pump the brake twice and press the line lock
the line lock is also linked the burnout rev limiter ( 6000 rpm) I have 5600 stall converter
Burnout until hazy and then let the car creep forward feathering the throttle and keeping the RPMat 6000
after moving 10 feet or so drop the rpm and get a nice chirp
hit he record button and pull into prestage
Sounds good to me but I always start out in low and shift into high gear before powering out of my burnout, and another thing I do is to count up and have someone watch till I'm getting good smoke the first couple of times then the next time I know to just count up to five, six or seven whatever it may be and that way I'm always heating the tires up the same amount everytime, makes the car more consistent. Just a thought.
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I would have them open that converter and check it out. ATI seems to be lacking in there converter dept for some reason. Someone i know just had a converter done for them and wanted 6700 to stall at and he was lucky if he got 2000 out of it and this was in the last month. Hate to see anyone spend money the don't have but IMO that sounds to be the problem Good Luck
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Default powerglide launch in high gear

having the converter sent back. not going to cut it open. my bro did a video and if you want here is a link to the run. you can hear a pressure escaping sound after the burnout and failure to achieve stage rpm. thinking linkage or leak in the pump or valve body now.


The filename to watch is

for a good run try the

:? :? :?
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