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ed it is good to hear from you. we are all still praying and thinking of you. there is power in prayer. there is alot out there praying for you too.keep us posted and hope things turn around quickly for you
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I am truly sorry to hear this i dont post a lot on rj and sorry i missed this post.
I have read a lot of your post ed and thought you was a super guy.
You will definitely be in our prayers and thoughts at all times and we will have a prayer service for you at our church i am going to print this off and give it to the reverend .

I have your no# so we can send you some messages and may god bless you and your family .

The Owens family
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I'll add you to the Ashley family prayers as well, Ed!
A Rosery will be prayed also.
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My friend get well,sorry to see this.You are in my prayers Ed
Thanks for sharing all your knowledge here at Racing Junk

God Bless you my friend.

Ed I sent you an email,get back at me.

There Is 1 Thing Better Than Cubic Inches,,,More Of Them
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ED, Prayers are sent from the entire Lynch family. We will add you to our prayer list at church. Also if there is anything we can send you,ie sodas, sports drinks please let us know, we will be glad to send them.Take care my friend, we will be praying for you.
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God Bless you Ed, my prayers go out to you
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Hello Ed, I don't think we have meant, but I am a little new to this forum & posting. I have read all of your posts. I am sorry you are going through this harsh deal. I want to thank you for your words of God & hope. Bible says we will encounter many trials & tribulations, but to take heart becasue God has overcome the world. Way to crucify the flesh.... by speaking out & not giving up. I am glad you took the time to explain... by you doing this, I can pray for you & your family, your doctors/specialits, & for God's will to have total control. You know that God is the untimate healer, nothing too big... he can baffle those doctors & man's words.... stay strong. Doctors are great & we need them, but they commonly speak in a worldly tone & sometimes negitive way... don't let them get you down. I bet it is hard what you are going through everyday... I am glad to hear your faith & trust in God is there. You give hope to those who may only be a few steps away from a major trial themselves... there is no doubt that God will get the glory on this one too. Keep praying... we will pray. Take Care, Rigsby
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I have known of you for over 2 years now from both SpeedTalk and here on RJ and have read much of what you have posted. You have always been a gentelman, always been helpful and supportive to others and your Christian background shows thru in what and how you write replies. What a testimony of your faith. Whether God chooses to heal you of this disease or not is up to him. His will be done! My thoughts and prayers for strength, understanding and healing go out to you in this time of trouble! Romans 8:28: “All things work together for good to them that love him (God) and are called according to His purpose”.

I posted a message on our board about this and I'm going to put the Paypal link there also to see if any of our members will help out.
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Hi Ed. I'm sorry to hear about your health problems. Some times our old bodies don't treat us the best. We go threw life feeling like Superman and then get a wake up call. I've been in the VA hospital with life threatening illness, and all I can say is give all your worries to god, because that's what he's there for. It surly lightened my load at the time. I said here it's all yours. If you take me, I'm yours anyway and if you save me thank you. It set me free. One of the nurses in surgery noted that I was very calm for going into surgery as she hooked me up to the vitals machinery. You can count on me putting in a good word for you.

I don't know if it would work for you, but a good friend had cancer of the Esophagus and he drank hot onion soup. In small portion he mixed that calorie paste and washed it down with the soup.
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Default Ed

Does any one know how Ed is doing. Have not heard anything in a while.
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