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hold tuff ed, prayer,s with you man.
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Our prayers are with you BIG GUY Hope everything goes well.
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ED me and my family are still praying for you. thanks for the info and please keep us informed. GOD will be with you and get you threw this my friend
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Default Thoughts and prayers are for you ED!

I haven't posted much, but I have read many of your posts that have helped me so much. I also am not a regular prayer guy, but anything that would help I am happy to do. I will pray for you because the world needs men like you.
Thanks for all you have done, and will do.
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yes get a specialist to check it out, i did not post the problems with
my daughter, a dentist during her cleaning noticed her lips were
badly chapping and said she should have it checked out by a specialist,
that it looked like lip cancer. she had to wait almost a month due
to the specialist being booked, one morning she woke up with a huge
lump under her mouth and her lips had blisters all around and still
had 3 wks til her appt., we took her to a EM room and they said
she had all the symtoms of lip cancer. i should have asked my
gear heads for prayers but was too overwhelmed with the thought
of losing my daughter and leaving my grandchildren w/o a mom.
her appt was moved up and THANK GOD it was a bad case from
the sun, but no cancer, releived. may gods healing finger touch
you my brother ed, and hear our prayers for you my brother.
godspeed ed and you are in my prayers for healing, direction,
and for your good soul. "for god gave us his only son and
died for our sins and for our forgivness" pls keep us updated,
your not alone my brother :cry: :wink:
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Ed , thanks for your posts, and help, Ill pray for you all week, real hard on wed, David.
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God Bless you Ed, my prayers go out to you and may you have a speedy recovery.
Thank you for all your VERY informative posts.
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I too am frustrated with me now. We all thought it was an infection and infections do go down at times. I knew the TMJ lockup was from an injury but of course Cancer was not even considered.

I was scared of the Toncil and Addenoid surgeries at my age and just me being scared of hospitals and needles. I was terrified to think about doctors breaking my jaw joint to be able to open my mouth so they could operate.

Turns out that all of the above I guess would have been better then what I have now that is definate.

O'well one way or another life does go on. I am still trusting in God in Jesus to bring me through even all this.

[ADDED] I began my first Morphene treatments for pain yesterday. Man that stuff is bad to the bone].

Ed Wilson.

Here is the latest as I know it now. I will keep all my shop phones separate from Cell Phone while I am not visiting or staying in Hospital, And when I go for visit or for staying, will have all phones transferred to cell phone. I can not talk I can listen, and I can read. It is awkward for me to Text Message but I can, Cell # for text messaging is 972-464-7400. If you call and leave voicemail it will take awhile for me to respond. This Voicemail sucks and is worse than PM ystems because it gets full too easy,

Ok Friends,
I have the final news about my conditions. I am now back out of Hospital again until they send me another appointment.

Normal weight= 230
weight in the scarecrow pics =160 lbs.
current weight = 119 lbs

Please do not be disappointed in me if someone posts a letter like this one somewhere. I can not write so many and make it all personal like I would like to be doing.

Now New Appt. Begin treatment Aug 1st 10:30am for cancer.

100% diagnosis is cancer. Large cancer.Everything on right side of face I.E. inside and Throat. - Tonsils - Adenoids- Tongue (on right side) Right Ear Canal - Right Upper Jaw - TMJ

Can not be surgically removed according to Doctors. Treatments available are only Chemo-Therapy or Radiation Therapy. The doctors have not yet decided what they are going to do, or can do. They tell me that the best I should hope for is the cancer to stop growing but it will likely be the same size, can't say for sure.

Doctors tell me if I can get to swallowing better thn now, that I can never swallow like before this. My hearing in right ear will forever be gone as it is now. That in my mind I will not be content with. My goal is to be able to eat real food again. I want to eat.

IF we can not build me up in anyway more, next step somewhere soon will be a surgically planted Feeding Tube in my stomach to pour Nutrients and body supplements in, kind of like pouring oil in an engine. I am not looking forward to that either.

Sorry to everyone who has sent me voicemails. I have not had time to check any of them. Maybe today I can. Text on Cell is also hard for me to do but is faster than voice mails. My voicemail is frustrating to me and box fills fast.

I appreciate any help anyone sends, gives, offers, up. Please Pray. I do not understand why This was not healed but so far it has not taken place in my body. I believe in the power of praying in Jesus Name. I still do.

If by chance anyone has a little money growing on trees my PayPal account is
[email protected]

Paypal phone for my account is

I hate to even be so crass and crude to have mentioned this but I am so desparate and can't work and have not been able since I lost money on my last two engines.

Still have much difficulty breathing and trying to swallow. The hole size in throat is very tiny. It also feels like it has tears going down like open flesh. A little bit of mucous with blood or blood by it's self, or blood clot closes it up so I can not breathe any air. Then I have my breathing attacks which a couple of guys have witnessed while here. Randy Roberts (Gimmemud) witnessed one of my harder attacks while he was here picking up his new Ed-vanced Bullet, a 434 Cu In SB 15 degree Chevy. Brent Durst witnessed several milder attacks when he was here a few hours just to stop by and check on me. He bought me my new Text Messagable Cell Phone. It does really get scary trying to get air in and breathe at times. I tried to get an Oxygen prescription but failed.

I spend many hours per day just trying to find or fix something to eat that I can get to swallow. Anything that is thick I can not swallow, No Protein drinks, Milk shakes etc. Any cold drinks have to be really icy cold. Any hot drinks have to be hot. I have no doubt wasted hundreds of dollars buying stuff to find out I can't swallow it.

Oddly I can eat eggs in almost any form of cooking if they are soft cooked so they can be liquid. with running yokes or liquid and not firm. I am doing soft scrambled Egg Beaters in microwave in little omelet pans - Poached Eggs - Eggs Overeasy with yellow running - I use only the pasteurized eggs in cartons for the low temp cooking though. Poached and over easy I use real eggs.

I can eat fish as long as it is not cooked too firm. It has be moist and tender flaky. I have a little electric Farberware Grill that I use to fish and a few other things with. It is like a small charcoal grill except it has electric heating elements. I have a two burner gas camping type of stove. I have a GE Toaster Oven with heating elements in top and bottom, and a microwave. two slow cooking crock pots, one small and one bigger, I have a good deep fryer. That is what I use to cook with. I am really very blessed.

I can eat in tiny pieces, like the fish soft tender moist cooked Rotisserie chicken the dark meats. The white is too dry. I can eat Gumbo or Eetufee if very juicy. At times I have to run those through a blender to chop the meat up. I also chop up sausages, ham, bacon, into very chopped and mix a little with a couple of eggs fried over easy.

Fish aggravates me because it is all imported. I have not seen any fish for sale anywhere that is caught and processed in the USA. Anyone know where that will ship to me frozen? or maybe some real Gumbo or EeTufee (spelling sucks) that will ship to me?

I am learning to improvise as much as I can. I bought a chopper, a food processor, and the thing I use the most I bought two of and that is the old fashioned cheap food chopper that you chop by hand with.

I can drink freezing cold soft drinks like Dr.Pepper (Not on my diet) Sprite - 7 Up - Lemon Lime - (in my diet) as long as they do not get too warm. I can drink Hot Chocolate or Coffee as long as it does not get cool.

Actually I can't drink anything. I have to sip in small sips but it does go down the hatch.

My only source of income now is a $900.00 per month SSI Check and what few parts I can sell from guys on the internet that I can help them with. Please if you need any BRC Performance Custom Pistons, Custom GRP Rods, Titan Oil Pumps, Williams Performance Custom Fab Oil pans, covers, etc, Total Seal Rings, Pure Power cleanable lifetime filters, (The best filter in racing) , Manton Pushrods, Manton Engineering valve train components, PAC Valve Springs, Please see If I can help you after you get prices other places. I would love to help you and me too.


Last news report before this one above.

I gave this to VA Hospital.

I have extreme difficulty talking, so I am writing as much as I can to hopefully be able to communicate with you here in the VA Hospital.

Please do not cut open my throat!
If you witness my attacks where I can't breathe.

When I have my attacks that I can not breathe, I need to be able to stand and work it out my own way. After a few minutes of gasping, choking, spitting muccous, or blood or a mixture, or blood clots, and hard heaving, then next is flooding my mouth and throat with cold water with pressure if possible from squirt bottle with me or from a sink basin. then gradually I will be able to start breating slowly at first but it does not take too much longer before I breathe ok.

At times I have to spit it on the floor when I am gasping and gagging. I clean up the mess, so that is still better than my throat cut for a breathing tube.

I have to keep a bottle or icy water with me at all times, and something to spit in. I am bringing with me two Icy Cold Water Bottles. I hope you will help me keep them or give me something so I have chilled icy water at all times. I have a small ice cooler in my truck in the parking lot if I am allowed to bring it in and keep it near me and if you have ice for it? I also can sip slightly frozen icy Dr.Pepper, 7-up, and Sprite. I can't actually drink anything in any volume. I have to slowly sip them, but they do help to comfort me.

I have had breathing difficulties for many years, I guess most of my adult life, but this problem is different. Before all this hit me, my only problem was losing my breathing at times during a cold, flue, or allergy problems, and at night while sleeping. That results in fear and also not breathing for several minutes. I have gotten used to that as my normal life though now.

My Current # 1 Priority now is to be able to breathe in and out ok. Perhaps Anti Biotics could help some?

My Tongue-Adenoids-Tonsils-Whole right side of mouth and throat are swollen hard and painful. The right TMJ is almost frozen and will barely move.
The Big Gland under the TMJ is swollen hard and is painful. Bad Earaches from time to time in right ear. Loss of hearing in right ear. For two weeks my Esophagus has now been affected so I can barely talk.

I am very weak now and at times am suffering much dizziness when trying to stand or walk. At other times I seem to be able to stand and walk.

Today almost lost it with a heat stroke, but someone was here and by coincidence had made me up an ice cooler full of ice with towels soaking in it, yesterday after I almost passed out several times yesterday from dizziness and disorientation due to weakness all over. Anyway he bathed my face neck and chest and back with freezing ice water and it brought me back. That was cool. Seems that ice water bath on face, neck, and shoulders works wonders for me.

Hopefully this can help you to better understand my conditions and how to treat me when I have an attack.

Ed Wilson.
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Default Prayers

Dont really know what to say.Prayers are being said for you Ed.My children said they will ask to mention you in prayers at church tomorrow.Hope you feel better soon.Randy.
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you are in the hands of god now ed, my prayers for you are for
god to do what is good for you, "for he knows what you want
before you ask for it, for he has no beginning and no end"
godspeed my brother, as for my father, i pray you do not suffer.
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