Need X-link for Cameron Dragster

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I am doing it because I think they are more safe than a wishbone.
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Spanky, you might try Tommy Phillips of TNT Supercars. There are a couple adds in the classifieds that might lead you to him. I believe it was Tommy that was the 4-link wizzard for Cameron.
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Originally Posted by johnracer
Yes, it's just slow to the 60. I really shouldn't bitch because it's pretty consistent, I just know it'd be a lot quicker if it would 60 like most cars this fast.
The car is a 63 Vette roadster, 107" wheelbase, 839hp RM 522, glide w/1.80 low, 5800 stall, 4.29 gear, 33x16 D1 Goodyears, x-link w/antiroll bar, strut front, 2170#'s full of fuel & me. Current IC is 51.5" at 4.3" high.
Best et to date was this spring in Tucson and haven't been to lower altitude since. Ran 8.44 @ 160.19 with a 1.202 60'. Corrected altitude was 3666'.
Here in Colorado, the best et is 8.607 @ 157.89 with a 1.22 60' @ 6238'. It rarely 60's that quick. Usually it's in the 1.25-1.27 range w/1.27 being normal running mid 8.70's and low 80's @ 154 or so. This past weekend at 8100', ran low 90's at 152 w/1.27 60's all day. We had a 15-20mph quartering headwind all day too so I wasn't surprized by the et.
I've run tire pressures as low a 4 and as high as 6 and adjusted the suspension quite a bit with little effect. It really doesn't seem to respond to adjustments as it should. Of course it's possible I just expect too much, or I don't know what I'm doing. Let me know what you think.
Could be the track ? I have one track that is awful slow to the 60 1.11-1.12 most other tracks will be 1.07-1.08. I dont think your 60 is all that far off really.
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Thanks David, I guess maybe I expect too much. It is a nice driving, consistent car, so I should probably leave it alone and just drive it.
Thanks again,
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