The Million Dollar Question!!

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Well, I sure didn't mean to start up a big debate or step anyones toes. I think it's fair to say we agree that we are all getting screwd by the taxes... Rabbit, I know how you feel. Not to mention that I know alot of our dollars are going to BS like abortion clinics & organizations like ACLU. I have a moral problem with that!! Fact is, we all agree on many things. No one here is surprised that Jesse Jackson is not whining about the tornados & floods/people in Iowa... the Dixie Chic's are not singing heart felt songs & raising money for these victims. the celeberties are busy looking for the next BS event they can capitalize on... especially if it is for people who are liberal at heart like them. I will never unermine anyone going through hard times, black or white, rich or poor, etc... but I do not feel sorry for those who refuse to believe in God, practice voodo, steal things in times of loss, & shoot at the hand that feeds them. As for the celeberties who support them, they too can kiss my A$$. My point is that my friends in Iowa impress me right now how they survive.
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