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I will no longer bitch about our town being on water ration due to the drought!! I hope all you folks get thru this okay. I cannot even begin to imagine the hell that must be.

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Default Water

SORRY To Hear about your Parents Place!
We Got Hit VERY Bad Last Night,had a Lightining Strike,that kicked out Several Breakers in the Box,No Power for about 10 Hrs.But,No Water Damage,i'm Very High Up!
All of the Roads are in Terrible Shape,all of the littlr Creeks and Rivers WASHED out the Spill Tubes,Man what a Mess!
HOPE THings work out,I Know EXACTALLY what your up aganist?My POPS just Turned 70.And He works Harder now thatn He ever has?Or at Least as Hard?He's in In.also but way up North Valparasio.
If i can Help out,give me a Shout?My 45'Pace is not being used,if you need some Storage?
Keep your Head up!
G 8)
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Thanks guys...they are back staying in the house. My father is stupbornas a mule. We have a large family (dad is oldest of 11 kids) and they have really pulled together...been swarming that place all week. Removed the drywall to allow walls to dry out ...carpet etc. Finally got water out of basement and got runing water(as in drinking water not flood water) again yesterday. It will be a long process but they will eventually get there.
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thats great to here that everyone is pulling together to help. good luck & god bless
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Default Flood

Sorry to hear about the flooding in your area. Glad your folks are doing well though. Seems like there is alot of bad news when it comes to weather. Hope it dries out for all of you people that have been impacted by the floods and rain.
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