Ethics and Race car sales (long) Saturday April 5th, 2008

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Default car

I would have told the other guy to call me back tomorrow to see if the car was sold or not, i would have given you 1 st shot since you were first.
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Default My take:

Well, I can see both sides to this. I believe I alluded to that, in regards to, yes, it is his vehicle, he can do as he wishes. And yes, in the past, I've experienced the "I'll be there first thing in the morning routine", wait around all day and never see the person. Agree, he had the decensy to call me.

On the other hand, I was brought up in a world where, if a man gave you his word, you were bound to that. I see it in the everyday world now, that isn't so, it's every man for himself.

I will address one thing. Giving anyone I don't know a money deposit for something I've never seen, you can forget that. There's absolutely nothing out there, I need/want that BAD!! I can get over hard feelings, but none of you are getting any money from me unless we shake on a deal.

I may offend some but this attitude of "whoever gets there first" sounds more like the dealings of con men and shysters or white shoed used car salesmen. I'd really like to believe that isn't so. Also, the viewpoint is from my side of the fence. Those that sell alot have a different view and their own tales of woe.

All things aside, I'm just a little P---ed off and bitter. I'll get over myself and life wil go on. I do appreciate the opinions and feedback. It gives me, perhaps some insight as to the thinking of others I'm bargining with out there today.

What really makes this bad, this is the third vehicle I've lost out on. Maybe my wife is right, perhaps I just wasn't meant to get reinvolved in this again. I'm not ready for that rocking chair, just yet.
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yeah its makes you feel like crap to lose a deal..but i will have a car for sale in the future when market comes back around to a sellers market..i will have a 1st come 1st serve policy.....only thing that will hold my car is a reasonable (non-refundable) deposit..unless there is something i did not tell you about car.....i have lost too many sells in the past waiting on someone to send money or never get to my place to view car as they said they would..

Had a guy 2 weeks ago jerk my chain about buying a carb..( Money order was in mail) so he said.....never got was a carb for $1,000...not the most money in the world so i didn't mind holding for him...but something up in the potential thousands..1st Money gets car...including deposits.

You might wanna consider looking for something closer to your where you can be there in 1/2 hour,,cause the "NO" deposit steadfast..may not play in your favor....did you say "3" deals gone to the way side ?...would they have been lost if you or the money ( deposit) got there sooner ?..As you say we live in a different world today...what difference would a handshake make with someone anyhow ? My opinion only..

ps....i do not see where BAD ETHICS was the issue..Just SMART BUSINESS....iF anything,, he used good ETHICS by calling you to inform you it was sold..

this deal could have been a lot worse for you if you had driven there and could not get an answer are call back...


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Default Deal

Heres the Deal!
With all of the TIRE KICKERS,you know the Guys that WASTE Your Time!Usually on the Computer,Not the Phone!
I wish i had a DOLLAR for every Time SOMEONE was going to Buy?Would NOT NEED to Sell anything,I could just Through it in the Can!
So,with that said?When a CASH Customer comes around............SOLD!
G 8)
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yeah i have sent what seems to be thousands of pics and never hear anything else. have made several trades and never seen or heard anything else. i drove an hour and a half to look at a car made a trade that i thought was a done deal roller for roller the guy wanted to come to my house and me help pull his motor and trans and put back in my car for him. i waited all day had help here waiting with me the guy never showed up and wouldnt answer my calls. this same guy called me 4 times wanting me to come look at his car wanting to trade the day i went to him i thought it was a done deal he traded with a guy in alabama instead or any way 2 days later the car i traded for was for sale in alabama so you just dont know who to beleive until it is done and for that reason i must say first come first serve..
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You might be chasing that elusive car you want for a long, long time if you are not willing to fork over a $100 deposit. I find it difficult to expect a man to hold a car for anyone that won't give a deposit. I know you say, I am not giving my money to anyone I never met. Then you should ALWAYS expect something to not be held for you. As for not giving your money until you shake a a mans hand, then the deal wasn't done until then either. But, one thing is definite, you have lost three deals by your own admission, maybe time to take some advice.You snoose you loose!
I really hope you find a car Robert!! Good luck man!
Rudy 8)
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Default Guess I'm just a whiny little snot

I see where this is headed. Time to accept this like a man and move on. I started this thread but this will be my last post to it.

Thanks to everyone for both the advise and opinions.
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Mr. Swartz, hang in there, and don*t give up your search. Perseverance, will pay off in the end. My wife tells me," If it doesn*t happen, it wasn*t meant to be." Its always been good advice for me, I hope it helps you. You*ll find your car!

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Dont feel bad just go back to the classified's and look again, thats half the fun, last I looked there were thousands of cars for sale on this site alone, surely a better one will cross your path. If this really is the 4th one you've missed maybe you need to reassess the way you do business. I'm really not trying to be a dick here just commenting on your situation.
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Default sales

I saw an add for a 47 ft pace in Penn. I live in 60 miles south of New Orleans. I had no problem with the price, I just asked the guy if he would work with me on the expenses. Ended up knocking $700. This was Sat., told him I could not get the $ till Mon. Called and left Monday, called him along the way so He knew I was coming,and everything went fine. Man I would have been Pisted to go that far and it not have been there.
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