boyd coddington passes at age of 63

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Originally Posted by bignastygs
Agreed, that your time on here is very limited. With that being said... Boyd was an arrogant a$$ to his guys. He had talent I wish I had or I could only have dreamed of. His visions were surreal. But his business and employee treatment was something left to be desired. I realize he was doing alot of his antics for tv,but I will say this..if anyone ever disrespected me on national tv like he has (or his Jackass Duane does) he'd be looking to modify his teeth!!! Sorry for the loss of a true car guy,ingenious detail man,but not for the loss of a common arrogant person..Too bad he let the limelight overwhelm him in his career.
For that very reason, that is why I stopped watching his show all together. There is no doubt that the man had talent that I certainly do not have, but we are ALL people and none of us deserve to be treated the way he seemed to think that his employees should have been. In the end, he is NO better than me or you and he is certainly not above God. (Especially now) I would never wish death off on anyone, but I am a firm believer that what you send out, you will get in return. If what you send out is bad, what you get back is usually far worse....
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