other side of the tirekicker Scene. U never Know ?

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Default Re: *****TIRE KICKERS*****

Originally Posted by bobb
To all the above I say "AMEN" :!: !!!! There is nothing worse than having to force someone to take your money which is what it seems like sometime !!!


send it to me... I'll take it without a fight.
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Default *****Tire Kickers*****

You're a generous soul, but you know what I mean!!!

Forgot to mention yesterday, but the other thing I see a lot of and I can't understand :roll: particulalrly on Ebay is:

Someone lists an item that is worth $1000.00 bucks and makes a big deal out of "NO RESERVE" but has a minimum bid of $900.00. That's a semantics game if I ever saw one!!!

Just had to VENT!!!

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"My friend stopped by and asked if I would consider selling the Chevelle...I said "Naa..I can't sell that thing.....it was my first car" he said "Okay...just thought I would ask." and then he left. "
I have people come up all the time at the track and ask if my car or truck is for sale.I simply tell them that evrything has a price except my family.If some one gives me an offer or I throw an offer to them all they or I for that matter can do is say no.I took that same approach when I decided to put the S10 for trade or sale.30 minutes after the ad posted a guy emailed me.I thought man this guy can't be for real.Well I answered back right away and sure enough he had what I was looking for.I'm very happy with the deal I made with him.Thanks RJ.
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