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Originally Posted by kw89425
i want to lower it for looks but i still want it to work like it should when i let the little button go
hahahaha I just saw your signature. :lol: When I get back from the track it isn't "Did you win?" it is " Did you tear anything up?" lol
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I agree with Ed for the most part. When you lower the rear the difference in weight transfer is more of a fine tuning thing. Not a drastic change like changing down a hole on the front mounting point. Why is because weight transfer is dependent on the difference between the instant center and the center of gravity. You have lowered both although not at the same rate. Your front mounting point may drop 2 inches, but your center of gravity is suspended by front and back will only drop 1 or 1 1/2 (just numbers) This may be like dropping 1/2 or 5/8ths a hole on front ladder bar mount. Depending how close your holes are apart. This can be a great tunning device, but as the comics said on Saturday night live: Don't be a Snook, It's how you run, not how you look." Try it see what you think. At least with the help here you know what to expect and how to fix it if it don't work, or what you did if it does.
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