Has anyone ever gotten their stuff the 1st time from Summit

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I use them often. They only sent the wrong part one time. They overnighted the right part, and told me to just keep the wrong one they sent originally. They went above and beyond to correct the situation, so they have my respect and my business.

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I shop everywhere,too.Just learned of a place called Ron Owens Racing.He's got some real good prices.And a real nice guy,too.HELP SUPPORT THE LITTLE MAN
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Default summitt

:twisted: dude they waited three weeks to call on my rims i bought and tell me they couldn't get them so now i buy every thing throw ebay.
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Default SUMMIT

I bought a dominator carb from summit and it had summit bucks of 50 dollars so I thought I would get some other parts with my summit bucks when my carb came NO summit bucks I called they told me they would follow never saw them I called again the person told me IF I had the catlog to give him the number on the back and he would give it to me ...well how many books do you get from summit and always throw the older one out ...can't find the old one I LOOSE SCREW SUMS IT WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING AGAIN FROM THOSE %#^@!HOLES jegs is my speed supplier..................
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great customer service! i bought a product from them and it came to me different than what was shown in there picture. they sent to me free of charge the upgraded part. i will always reccomend them.
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Well after 5 yes I said 5 oil pans I got the right one but they sent the wrong gasket set I give up went down to napa and got the right gasket and the crome pan is on and looks good I dont think I will do any more wiht sumit :cry: :cry: :cry:
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