Why did you pick your vehicle choice as a racecar???

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1976 had a cousin by marriage had a 69 Camaro white viynal top, white interior, side pipes,,candy apple red, classic chrome /steel crager mag wheels. ( top of the line at that time)with the name "STREET CLEANER" airbrushed across the back spoiler.......

i was captivated,motivated.hooked however you want to say it..he done a lot of street racing back in those days and i was there watching from the side lines..i got to ride with him to the site they would meet..and he lived up to the air brushed name "Street Cleaner"....

this was my mom's 1st cousin's husband...my mom had me young so i was in the mix...my mom and dad also had a pale yellow road runner with the flat black shacker hood with a 383...bench seat...this was the same time the 'STREET CLEANER" was around...good times...

i have always had a thing for camaro's..we still have a 69 and my 67...my 63 vette will go before the camaro's will...

my future car..and i will have it ..it another 69 camaro "Street Cleaners" twin...but it will have a turbo small block air to air or water turbo..

thats it.....very good memories..1976/1776...bicentinal year....my room wwas read ,white and blue...lol


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Originally Posted by bigstu
Sold my stock chassis'd 72 chevelle, with hopes of finding a back-halved chevy of some type. Found my current ride here in early '03 (70 1/2 camaro. This is just to hold me over 'til I can find/afford what I'm really after, which is a '65 chevelle, '69 chevelle, '69 camaro. by the way, how do you attach pics to your posts? [/img][/url]
You have to have the pics hosted somewhere such as villagephotos.com or photobucket.com. On photobucket you copy the direct link such as


This will be placed between the img tags. Just look above where you are typing when you start to post. Click the img button, paste the link, and click Close Tags just below the button. Submit.

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To borrow from Bjuice,my street sweepers have mostly been 67 Chevelles. I've owned several over the years. I've always liked the small trucks though, and since the Luv is lighter than an S10, I got one. I like going to the track and being able to say, it's just a pickup with a small block...
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Bought my `69 Camaro in high-school because I could afford it, and it was a "muscle-car". Bought and sold a couple of beaters, but held onto the `69. Mostly due to the fact that I could'nt afford to buy any other cars, I've held on to it and just could not see myself selling it! Me and "Woodstock" have been together for over 23 years now. I've met some old class-mates over the years and some have asked me if I still have that old yellow car,....I think they were in shock when I told them "yes". :lol:
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I have owned 74 different vehicles since i was 16 I love trucks but to be honest this one was FREE wife said yes and it was on! motor and trans came out and THE BUYING WAS ON ! still have lots more to do but raceable now..
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I built my 72 chevelle when I was 18 years old. Mr and my best friend did all the work. It had a 406 small block in it with a hyd cam(still does) run low 8's in the eighth mile. I decided to build a big block for it..roller cam the whole bit. When it was said and done I had a 14.1 motor and decided I didn't want to ruin the chevell by putting a cage in and all that so I bought a rolling super pro car with no motor trans or fuel system.Not a big fan of the novas at all but gave 3200 bucks for it (in 1996) and it had brand new 32x14 slicks and glass hood,decklid and bumpers. ladder bar coilover with a new richmond pro gear.
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When I turned 15 last may my dad bought me a 68 nova. I put disc brakes(too expensive), Cragars, and a supercharged 350 in it that we had laying around, But i would trade it anyday for a 68 camaro like my dads.
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Default Bringing back an old post

I got my car because my dad and 3 of my uncles went together to bought the 72 chevelle about 12 years ago (i was 12 years old at that time). It was supposed to be a big family project, but nobody worked on it. I finally treated the car as my own and started working on it 2 years ago. I finally got it to the track last year. We bought it for $600 already back halved with weld wheels and MT sportsman pro 31x16.5. I am very proud to have built this car by myself and with all my hard earned money. I can't wait for this season! I have only test and tuned so far, I am going to get into the points race at my local track this year. It has a basic 350 with a hot cam. Ported team G intake and I ported the double hump heads to match, 750 double pump. TH350 w/2500 stall vega converter. 5.14 gears. Ran [email protected] w/1.884 60ft. and with 100hp shot ran [email protected] w/1.73 60ft. I am switching to a different cam and 4000 stall converter for this year.

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My dad had a front engine dragster when I was a kid for a short time. I always thought that car was so cool.
We have a business where we go to events and sell t-shirts, helmets and other stuff. Last year we had a 6x12 enclosed trailer for the bus and an open trailer for the car.
With the altered I can do both with one trailer. It's small so it doesn't take up much room. Any event we set up at, we can use the car for display. Any race I go to I will have my inventory with us.

I went with the Bantam simply because I like it better than the '23 t's.
Another reason I didn't go with a rear engine dragster is that they are a pain in the rear to load and unload. I wanted a car I can easily go racing by myself.

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Default race cars

I saw my first altered in southern Calirornia in 1969. IT was a fiat topolino and from then on i just had to have one! It only took me 36 years to build one! Lol
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