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So many people buy upside down now that they can't sell for less. You are right the last time I looked at used trucks I wasted a lot of time because everyone was over pricing every thing. Nice truck Donn, wish I were in the market.

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Yes Sir that is very true most people are upside down on there vehicles .
I have only bought two new ones and i said i would never do it again because someone has to take the loss when it becomes used and after being in the car business for a long time i seen it way to often when customers came in and be 10k upside down and it sucks.
And I'm not trying to defend the car dealers here but they also take a lot of losses on vehicles to .
Don't think there that smart that they always make money on them they don't .
I have worked for some very big dealerships and there is always a good a** Kicking meeting at the end of the month.
And i think most People price there stuff from what they see advertised or seen on a car lot .
but a high mile unit is a hard sell at least it has been for me anyway unless it is a diesel then they sell a little better.
This is a very good place to sell whatever you have but price it right and you will sell it.
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