Streaks on trailers

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Thanks guys for the tips. I tried simple green and black streak remover from Wally world . I also bought some stuff from an RV dealer. It took about half the streaks away but you can still see them. The trailer is not even a year old. When the stuff comes in from Ultrashine I'll try it and let you know how it works. If that doesn't work I guess I'll buff and wax the trailer. I've been waxing the RV for the last two weeks. I'll never complain about waxing a car again. Man that thing is huge. I'm just anal about keeping my stuff nice.
Again thanks for your help.
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I was just recently taking the lettering off of my trailer and was using Laquer thinner to get the left over glue residue off. Then I tried something a little less harsh and next thing I knew my white trailer was white again. I used plain ole rubbing alcohol, yup 99 cent bottle of isopropyl alcohol took all the streaks off the trailer and no elbow grease at all. I couldnt belive it.Rinsed the trailer off with the hose and I was done. Worked for me hopefully will work for you. :wink:
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At the local Dollar Store the stuff is called Awesome for about $1.00 per bottle it works GREAT!

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Default Trailer claener

Try that awsome from the dollar store , REAL DEALS if you have one local , or try Purple Power, Auto Zone, Wal mart, ADvnce auto ,ect. Streight from the gallon or 2.5 gallon jug with a mild brush ,Rinse with a hose and that the best stuff we found over the years to use .[/b]
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I think I'll look into getting a black enclosed trailer now that I've read this thread.
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