will it go faster or slower?

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Originally Posted by deepockets
in the 1/8th it appeared to have went from 7000 to 6900. i just got back fromcalifornia speedway psca yesterday and got in two practices. went 8.68 at 156 and 8.68 at 156 right at 7500rpm. now maybe you gus can help a little and try to figure converter slip? glide with 180 first 4.56 rear and 33" tire. the 1/8 time was 5.55 at 125. also with the new motor set up it is torqueing to the right off the line. it looks like a upper right four bar can be preloaded a little to help correct this. what do i do for the pre load, shorten the bar or lengthen it a half flat. it is in a neautral spot now. thanks fot the help

If it's really rolling it may need a anti-roll bar :lol:
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does have anti roll with me in the car it's set in neautral possition. i turned the upper right 4 bar one flat shorter from neautral pulled the wheelie bars up to 4" and does apper that they touch verry little to none checked rollout on tire and thee the same, the length of the lowere bars are the same and the right rear strange shock is one click stiffer on the compression. the car still pulls hard to the right on the line and i have to pull it back over to get it in the grove. after that it tracks staight and brakes straight and safe. scarry ride!
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