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A follow up.

Sent email to cam guy thanking for response and indicating that I will not be engaging his company for this project.

I recieved what I consider to be a flame response that served no purpose other than to irritate me. My 1st reaction was to start typing "Dear M*****R F****R!"...

I thought better and I am not going to respond at all.

I will point out that I did not select this grinder via Racing Junk or any members. I also will not publicly flog this human as that just isn't right. If you think you need to know who this was then PM me.

But I proved to myself once again that first impressions are correct impressions.

And so it goes.

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A good short response to his email would be, "I see that I made the right decision." But you're right. Sometimes it's best to just say nothing at all.

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PM me the cam guy I hope its not who I think it is.

This does become a delima far too often. Here is why. The really good custom cam guys are very secretive about what they are doing and why.

Crap' I basically design my own cams and still get this reaction when asking for any detailed specifics on lobe degrees of change per 1 deg of rotation, or any realy specifics which could help me immensly in setting up valvetrain. It was like me pulling a hen's teeth the other day, when I managed to get cam lobe opening and closing specks at .020 - .050 - .100 and at .200 . Shoot' most of those numbers I gave him from me, before the cam was cut. Of course they had been altered some after the computer modeling of it was done. I guess that is the secret.

That was all I could get and he was not happy just sharing that bit of info. It was not a matter of paying. I had the cam in my hand and another one ordered and they are not cheap by a long shot. He about had a hemmorage when I asked for a copy of that cam's F-1 File or C-6 File to be sent to a friend of mine that also has several hi tech pieces of cam and valvetrain software to use for us getting the exat correct springs for what we need.

I will not tell anyone who that company is, or besmudge their name though, becuase of them trying to keep their computer models as a secret. I still like the quality and I do love the cams.

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