I AM back !!!!!

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bj,good to hear all is good , or getting there!! give a little, get a little, sounds like you did great, the other stuff you can add later!!! David.
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Brian,Welcome back! glad to hear that you're up an' running. Hope you're able to settle in quickly.
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Default bjuice

dang brian im gone a couple of weeks and bam you move! go on a nice vacation[whats that?] wow im slipping or just getting old lol anyway glad to have ya back and in one peice were running the funny car oct 6th at carlsbad dragway i hope the ole girl has one more in her we will post all the good stuff on our website when its over 1/8 mile slippery track under drive the blower take a bunch of timing out of it etc... maybe this old man can get it down the track!!! glad to have ya back mike in new mexico
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Brian glad to see you got a trip in. How was it down there worth the money to go see. Also I did get mine to the track and got some numbers for you but you cant laugh at me.
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hey Mike and Wes.......Mike let us know how the old dragon runs October. 6th...when you post the results on your website..copy the link over to RJ...DURING THE MEAN TIME I WILL BE WEARING YOUR SHIRT for Good luck..

Wes i saw your post last night..looks like to me your a smart man that knows how to break in his stuff right and get it home in one piece..there is no time retraints here..work into it..
i know when i took my 67 camaro ( new built car ) this past April..i was on an off the gas the entire night..i never did get a hammered down full throttel pass..but SINCE MY CHASSIS GUY was so damn good I was closer dialed in than most guys with the chassis..but as you know you have to feel just as confident in your head as the car is...made 8 passes..the 1st pass off the trailer was like 6.78 at 103 mph...on pass 8 i was at 6.07 at 115...and the car still has a-lot more in it..

that little Nova of Yours HAS MORE A$$ to it than you ever want to get at one time...so DO NOT rush things...let it come to you...

i respect a person that works into things and NOT trying to win the war the 1st time out......

good luck and keep us posted Wes..


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Glad to see that you got moved alright. I know I hating moving when I was in the Navy. Now its time to get the Vette to the track. I will be taking my Nove back out Oct 7. Now I know what air pressure to run, I should be seeing some quicker times. I know that you and your family will love yalls new place. Take it easy my friend.

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