Renegade Raceway - Yakima WA. 9/14 & 9/15

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sorry to hear man. well try and do something else fun with the car this weekend. David.
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well I'm home the blazer for the 3rd time ran terrible, I am wondering if the new pernoxic's stuff that I bought is good? It sure seems like the dist, gets to 5000 and I want to open the door and help it along with my foot, might try a stock hei in a few weeks, cant run any worse, and if it is better, then it is the coil or module I bought!!!! MY 12 second runs are still something I am longing for, ran a 13.56,13.48,13.54 , then broke out round one 13.40 to a 13.50 dial in, I cant wait untill it runs right, sounds good, comes out of the hole good, gets to 5000 game over!!! Saw the murff man, he is cool as hell, he was having his own special luck with his ride, very nice talking with him anyways I am longing for a full pull
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sorry to hear about the run mark. you will get it worked out and be where you want to be. good luck man
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Two things.

1. I feel bad you did not run better.
2. I feel even worse that I never made it to see you and Murff.

I finally got my carb all together, started it and it ran like a raped ape, but I did not have the studs tight and it leaked around the baseplate.
Just about to go start it again after fixing that issue and see where I stand.

Again, I am just sick over not getting up there to meet all of you.
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