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Originally Posted by spib
brian what I have is a b &m 3600 holeshot it stalls at around 2900-3000 right in there, I talked with tim at jw and he said with my very mild setup , I am right were I need to be, he said he could take my money but a looser vert would hurt my et he said. it might 60 ft better but over all I am good right now with what I have, I thought it was pretty cool he was telling me this and not wasting my money.
I had one of those blow up. I had it behind a 406 in a street car. 11.1 with a flat tappet cam..only ran mid 12's...very mild.Sounded like it was full of gravel when I took it out.I did buy it new also..never again. I also broke a tci street fighter. Maybe I was doing something wrong...who knows. But I bought a COAN and never had an ounce of trouble after that. 300 bucks times 2 for the cheaper ones plus the cost of having the tranny rebuilt after it pumped all that crap through it...or 800 bucks one time for a good one. You get what you pay for.Hopefully yours works better for you than mine did. I sorta think maybe power braking the car had something to do with it...I never had a line lock and I have heard power braking is hard on the converter.
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