how to determine blower gear drive ratio?

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Ive never had problems with a unilite distributor
had one in my camaro for 20 years with no problems.
Now my MSD6AL box fried twice so far.
I tried talking him into running alcohol but he wants to run gas for awhile.
(he wasnt too impressed with using twice as much alcohol than gas)
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Originally Posted by mcracecars
boost is nothing more than the measure of pressure built up in the intake.
I'll give you a good example. I had 11 lbs on my SBC with 1.75" primary Hookers. Stepped up to hand built 2" to 3.5" headers and boost pressure dropped to 8 lbs which allowed me to raise it back up and run 1:1. THe headers reduced restriction.

Originally Posted by bjuice
i saw where the msd 6 btm is being used...good choice...
i personally do not like the uni-light distributers.
I use a 6BTM with great results. Uni-Light? There's a reason they're referred to as Uni-Dark.

Originally Posted by rabiddawg
he will be running off Sunoco Supreme NOS 117
I quit playing the fuel game now I run C16. I forgot a time or two what fuel was in it....nuff said.

Originally Posted by mcracecars
A blower on gas throws off a lot of heat
That's an understatement! Hmmm, two radiators, two water pumps, and three fans, just for the pleasure of driving on the street.

You've got some great advice here. When I built mine I had a close friend guide me along, but I still had to learn as I went. Good luck and we look forward to those videos!
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here is a few pics of the proress thus far:
not looking too bad.

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WoW!!, looks great in the photo's.
I don't know but what i would also want to add is a front crank bearing support. On the second pass down the 1/8 mile i spit the harmonic balancer and the lower pulley off at about 500 ft. out, but i am running a 1471 full blown alcohol and about 30lbs boost i also had to double key the crank.
That's probably apples and oranges compared to a street driven blower though.
But it definately looks good to the eye.

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