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A big thanks to Nlmsc33 and Brian for every thing you are doing for Doug and his family. as a fellow racer, the least i can do is come on here and show support for a racing friend in need. even though we never met. my hopes and prayers are with you Doug and your family. "R.I.P. little guy" Cal
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Thanks Brian for including the gang on here,as racers we all stand together and pray together! All our hearts and thoughts go out to the Family! you are in our prayers.
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How sad, I have been gone for a couple of days and just heard. Thanks Brian. Prayers for Doug and Melissa. One day at a time.
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My heart and prayers goes out to Doug and Melissa and may you find comfort in your own way

and thanks brain for incluiding everyone and informing us of doug and melissa's lost of a love one.
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Thank you Brain that was very thoughtful of you.
I can send a donation for the flower fund or a collection for the Herman family? I don't have alot but I know every little bit helps, I will gladly send you a money order to help out just pm me with your address and let me know.
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Verry sad to hear, My heart goes out to them.
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Originally Posted by cepx111
Thank you Brain that was very thoughtful of you.
I can send a donation for the flower fund or a collection for the Herman family? I don't have alot but I know every little bit helps, I will gladly send you a money order to help out just pm me with your address and let me know.

thats ok Charles there has been many inquire on that but its ok..its already taken care of....
the arrangement was sent on behalf of everyone that particpates on this all of you give yourself a "Big THANK YOU" for remembering Doug/Melissa and his family in this Tragic time of their lives..

WE MUST take care of fellow racers no MATTER what venue they race or particpate in ..cause when you boil it all down,,WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME BOAT...
I am sure Doug and his wife appreciates all the Kind words and prayers from everyone

Thanks Brian

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Thanks brian, you are one in a millon. our thoughts are also for everyone!!!! David.
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Default Sincere appreciation to ALL

Is there any other sport that shows more sportsmanship than drag racing? One minute we're trash talking, poking at Ford vs Chevy vs dodge, then the next we are helping to repair the next guy’s car just to try and beat him in the next round. We pool our resources just to keep the competion together. But never in my life have I ever had the privilege of seeing everyone pull together. This forum is another extension what all drag racers throughout the country have strived for and achieved.Here I am comforted by people I do not know and may never meet. The heart felt sorrow and well wishes my family has received is unbelievable.
Here at home several racers from Coles County Drag way have supplied with items I could not find. I wanted to find a few cars to add to my son’s funeral. Not just any cars drag cars. Well after hours of store searching no luck. Then close friend Jaimi Alexander found out that Gary Wright and Sue Cambell happened to have two '41 Willy's. Both were cast from the cars they actually race. And we tried to pay for the cars but wouldn't take any money. Gary Wright also supplied us with some checked flags and ribbons. Tiny Treasures in Arizona overnighted a racing jumper to us. It is so cute.....
Then JC Penney portrait studio helped us tremendously. The day before Austin passed away we had several pictures taken of our kids. Normally it takes about a month or two... How about three days!!! These were the only pictures we had of all the children together. We informed them of our situation and the people at our local portrait studio took matters into there own hands and overnighted the entire set of pictures at no extra charge.
Since the “incident” I’ve never found a better group of men and women determined to help my family in this trying time. Through the support here on Motorsports Village, Racingjunk, and local friends and family we are getting through this one day at a time. Special considrations to the guys whom took it upon themselves to spread the news about Austin. I just found out that this was done. And the flowers I recieved from this website really made me proud to be apart of this community. Our faith in God will help guide us and let the healing begin. I hope I will be able to remain strong and somehow repay the great kindness all racers and family members have shown us in these trying times.
My sincere appreciation to ALL the members of Motorsports Village,Racingjunk and the racing community
Douglas Hermann
[img] [/img]
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It is always difficult to find words of comfort when times of sorrow and tragidy show up unexpectedly in the lives of our family and friends.

From all of us that truly love our children, Doug and Melissa, our thoughts and prayers be with you and your familys through this time. May the Good Lord be with you and comfort you through the coming days.


And Brian, ...Sir, you are truly a man who stands out.....
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