spokane 2nd trip

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i bet he did love it...thats the age you get em hooked....GOOD CLEAN FUN AT ITS BEST !!!!!!

Mark- i know what your saying about drawing the line with the HP parts etc......

i personally think this COULD be your problem..it has all the markings..but i would not bet my life on it...the only way to tell is go two directions with it...plus i am the type of person to look back in history...my question i would be asking myself is why did it work years ago VS now...what has changed ?...this could be part of your answer...HEI igintions are known for giving up over 5k rpm.....

#1- keep working with it and change and tweak everything around the igintion.

#2- go straight to the igintion, Dist,coil and change it out..

the best thing that could happen if you knew somoene that had a 6al box and distributer that could let you try it out...

its gonna be whatever is the most cost effective for you which will be option #1 in most cases....but the fact of the matter is..its gonna be what its gonna be in the end..lol ..in your last e-mail you confirmed you still had around 6lbs of fuel pressure at WOT..so this eliminates fuel starvation...6lbs is plenty of fuel at the carb........just sounds to me that you have an ignition breaking down at higher rpm's....now whaen i say iginition ..i am taking in the coil,module and anythinbg else electrical..as silly as it may sound..i would not cross out a bad plug 100%.....

i hope for you thats its not the problem and it is something much simpler..please let us know when you find it out.


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I run 78 or 80's on the back of my carb and have jet extensions in.

You may want to check that.

Also, where is your fuel pump mounted?
I am sure you know this but the inlet and outlet of the pump need to be lower than the tank outlet or sending unit.
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Spib, I saw this on a customers car beofre and the coil was wired backwards. I know you're probably good here, just something you might want to double check.
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I'm gunna thro my 2 cents in. Spib you said the motor was hard cranking? Make sure your timing light is working right or set right. The motor at 38 to 40 degrees should not strain to start up. I know for a fact to much timing will kill the motor above 5000 rpm. It happen to us when we used a timing light with the dial on the side. It was on 38 degrees and we set the timing at 38 degrees. The car ran but missed at 5 to 5500 rpm. I always use my old timing light with no dial on it.
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